Adriano Cavalcanti

World's Leading Expert on Practical Experimental Nanorobot for Medicine

















Through a set of breakthrough developments, the nanorobot invention represents a paramount discovery to advance biomedical instrumentation for clinical, pharmaceutical and surgical applications.


The know-how and economic potential of the invented technology has resulted from Cavalcanti's outstanding innovation and pioneering work in the field of nanorobotics.












Cavalcanti is the top worldwide author/inventor on the subject 'nanorobot' and 'medical nanorobotics'. Source: Engineering Village (Figs.1-2), which includes Compendex, Inspec, Geobase, Referex, US Patent, EP Patents. -- Nanorobot Patent List


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Cavalcanti is the nanorobot pioneer on the development of control and nanoelectronics integrated devices for medicine , and inventor/author of the nanorobot hardware - ACM Association for Computing Machinery , ISI Web of Knowledge / Web of Science - Thomson, Scopus, and Engineering Village (Figs.3-5).


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After years of outstanding innovation, he became the leading scientist on nanodevice developments for drug delivery, diagnosis, surgery, health care, and environment monitoring, with applications to cancer, diabetes, brain aneurysm, cardiology, and medical defense.






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He also developed the nanorobot hardware architecture based on nanobioelectronics for diabetes.











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He implemented the NCD - Nanorobot Control Design system, which provided a practical platform for prototyping and testbed, circuit integration and manufacturing design of medical nanorobots. -- Medical Product Manufacturing News


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Cavalcanti is the world's leading expert/scientist at 'ISI Web of Knowledge / Web of Science - Thomson' for the topic 'nanorobot' (Fig.6).














Fig.6: Through the development of nanorobot for nanomedicine, Cavalcanti became the IEEE and World's leading expert on nanorobot hardware manufacturing.








The invention of the first nanorobot has an impact on current nanorobotics history and provides a legacy for coming generations.







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